Mint page question


I’m currently exploring and weighing up the best options to sell my Art. I am going down the Phygital route and saw manifolds tweet about the GET-PHYSICAL pop-up shop.

Is it possible to create a GET-PHYSICAL mint page and host from my own website domain?


Hey Pix,

We’re currently working with interested artists to create GET-PHYSICAL pop up shops. Actually planning to feature a batch of new shops from indepedent artists for next week!

If you (or anyone reading) has interest feel free to reply back here, forum DM or go straight to the signup form if it’s something you have ready to go!

Right now we’ll be supporting burn-to-redeem (like the fvckrender print drop from last week!), and hold-to-redeem (classic “token gating” to be able to get or purchase a product). We can also support straight crypto sales for products and will be experimenting with a few artists for that.

As from hosting from your own domain, you’ll get a Manifold GET-PHYSICAL url that looks like this: RESPONSIBILITY// (you choose the slug). You can definitely use that and redirect to it however you’d like!


Ah yes the signup form i mentioned (if you are ready): GET-PHYSICAL Intake · NoteForms

Hey Kmart,

Thank you for your response.

I currently have 6 phygital pieces ready to go and will be scanning more in over the next few days. I would be very interested to try out the GET-PHYSICAL straight crypto sales of my phygitals if at all possible!

I believe I signed up earlier today!

Look forward to hearing back from you,


Awesome! What’s the title of your piece you submitted? Just want to make sure I have my ducks in a row as I’ll be reaching out for next steps to actually create the page via a studio app!

Also feel free to email me at


Thank you again for your response Kevin.

I have just submitted the form you have sent. The title of the collection submitted is ‘Above The Clouds’

look forward to your response,

Got it! For next steps we’ll be in touch via email. Thanks so much!!