Mint Pixel cars Baby

Hello, last night, I minted 2 Pixel cars Bany but only one appears on my Metamask wallet. Is this normal? Thank you for your answer.

Can you send us the link to these two transactions?

Thank you

Looks like you minted the same ERC1155 token twice - This is expected behavior for this contract type as the token can have multiple owners. This video might help explain things:

On your mint site, it was written that you could mint 2 baby pixel cars. That’s why I minted 2. But I only have 1 on my Metamask??
What to do?

I see that you own 2 here:

An easy way to check is going to the Contract for Pixel Cars and checking the balanceOf. You can see here that you are the owner of 2 units.

Yes, I saw it on Opensea. Thank you for your answers.