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Hi There,

My wallet address

Using the buy now widget button on my website but it seems to be loading continuously.

Using Brave, Chrome, Safari

My wallet address 0x3783c56c35963d83742d1fe3eab546f61d0eb9c7


gm! It’s been a minute - Can you take a screenshot of your console as well?

Got it - Widget spinning on this link:

yea the widget doesn’t load but on the actual claim page its fine

Hey Ashton,

Looks like you are using some older versions of our widgets. Can you update?

Claims - 1.10.0
Connect - 3.2.2

sure! yall have the links?

In your code where you have stuff like this -

<script async="" src=""></script>

Replace 1.9.4 with 1.10.0

And then do similar for connect

nvm sorry found the links lol :joy: all fixed! tysm for the quick response and massive help!:pray:t5:

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LFGGGGG great to hear!

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