Minted a claim page, transactions went through but no page

I made a new ERC1155 contract & minted my first claim page.
There was an error message, which I didn’t catch at the time.
Now, the claim page shows up as a draft

But if I try to mint it again, I get the following error message

The claim page address, just takes me to

I am currently having the same issue.

Literally exactly the same issue, thoughts??

I’ve fixed this for you. There are improvements being worked on to make this process automatic in the future.

This can happen when the initial publish transaction is interrupted and lost.

A few questions:

  • Did you speed up or replace the tx by chance?
  • Navigate away, lose connection, or turn off device from the page mid transaction? And if so, did you get any prompt to resume it?

What is your address?

yo, the same issue is here!
I would appreciate it if you solve mine


all of the transactions are OK

I know someone who has the same problem, and I’d appreciate it if you could help me solve it.

This is fixed now. Do you recall any error when you were creating the initial transaction?

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thank you but there is an error more:

Can I get the address please?

Sorry I replied to a wrong user so I’m posting again. I did not have any error other than this one…

Hi I am having an exactly same issue where the publish page is giving me an error message saying “Something went wrong execution reverted: Claim already initialized” would you fix this too?
My address is


The claim page address, Manifold


this is my address and I still have an issue related to the claim page:



Aware of the “Sorry, there are no tokens for you to claim” issue. Hang tight.


@Jelwebtv @somasotaro @momofhiki These have all been fixed.

Thanks for your prompt support!!

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thank you so much buddy

Hi - I am having the same issue. The claim page shows as draft and when I try to publish I get the “something went wrong - claim already initialized” error.

This is my address 0xa58C598A2CC0235beC70E04AdfDD29cF5869a6da

hey jen, I’ve fixed this, page is up: Unleash Your Inner Sparkle

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The claim page is showing (thank you) but I have the “There are no tokens for you to claim” error message (reposted due to posting in wrong place)