Minted a token to Mainnet still showing as a draft in Manifold Studio error

I have just minted a photograph of David Sylvian through my manifold contract Pop Icons and it is now listed for sale on foundation, but in my manifold contract, it says it’s only listed as a draft.

Gm! Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear that. To solve this we have a post here:

Ok thanks for the info but it doesn’t work.

it returns an invalid ID message

That doesn’t work can you help with more detail how to fix this


When you do this, could you make sure you are on the mainnet network and try again please?

Hi, I have done that and I get the same error.

Sorry about this issue, please hang tight as we are actively looking into this.

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You should be able to see the token on your studio now.

Sorry for all the troubles, this should not happen again in the future.