Minted ERC721 tokens to Mainnet, but it still appears as Goerli tokens

Hello there,

I recently created an ERC721 contract to create 20 editions of my token. I went through the standard process of creating a token paying gas fees and all. However, once I minted to the Mainnet, my token is still only being labeled as Goerli. It still gives me the option to mint to Mainnet instead of “Update on Mainnet”. When I click that, it says I’ve successfully uploaded to mainnet just as before, but it is not true. Any experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading

gm - Can look into this further for you. Can you send the contract address deployed for these tokens?

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Found the issue! We’re deploying the fix and should be resolved in the next few mins!

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thank you very much! looks good on my end