Minted on wrong contract

I made an idiotic mistake and minted an OE on the wrong contract. A couple people have bought whats the best way to correct this? have them send me the tokens back and delete the token?

Probably best to close the OE. Then create a special burn/redeem for those folks on the correct contract with a special token just for them.

oh great Idea. Thanks!

also I want to continue the OE for longer however and If I set it up as only a burn to redeem then I cant do so correct? And I cant airdrop one to myself with burn…although fantastic idea if I didnt want to continue with the edition. Is there another way you suggest?

There isn’t really an alternative.

so even if they send me back the tokens I cant delete it out of the contract?

You could do that. If you receive the tokens back you can burn them.

ok. I dont want to miss anything here and get in a bigger mess. So if I can get all who have minted to send me back every token. Then I can delete it out of contract completely like it was never there correct?

You can burn them. Yes.

again so I dont mess up please can you tell me how to burn? To a burn address or to delete the tokens?

There is a burn function on the contract that you use.

are you referring to this? Burning Tokens - Manifold Docs

Correct. That’s how you burn a token.

k to recap I will have them send me all the tokens back. Then I will go through this process. It says it remains in the studio. Does it also remain in the marketplaces too?

I got the 6 tokens back and I was going through the process to burn them and its estimating gas at .5 eth. Is this accurate?

Depends on gas at the time. It’s cheap now and it shouldn’t cost that much. Maybe $10 or so.

If you’re seeing a high gas amount, you might be doing something wrong. If you see a red warning from metamask, it means you’ve set up the transaction incorrectly.

I went to the contract. Clicked on the Mainnet Address. Then clicked on Contract then Write on proxy. Then clicked burn. Put in my wallet address…the token id is 2 and there are 6 of them. This is erc1155. In this image gas is over an eth but gwei is also double from when I tried last night which makes sense if being over an eth now…what am I doing wrong?

It’s because you’re trying to burn 6, but you only have 5.

You can get your balance by clicking on ‘Read as Proxy’ and checking the getBalance function.

Oh ok I thought all 6 have been sent back to me. Thank you for pointing that out.