Minted tokens but should have done claim. Help

I guess I screwed up. I wanted to create an NFT using manifold to sell. My plan was: a total of 500 of a single artwork. I logged on. Uploaded art work. Minted to goerli. Then minted to mainnet (only was able to do an edition size of 200 at a time). Assumed that I would have to do a separate transaction for more. Then I noticed the Claim option. Tried that, probably should have done that instead and would have saved a LOT of Eth. But what do I do now? The claim is going linked up to the same page on opensea that has the original 200 minted. (Hope this makes sense). Ugh. I am so disappointed. Was really excited but now I’m afraid I screwed it up.

Finding out the hard way that the blockchain is forever. I am so sad.