Minted tokens with Manifold, burned some on etherscan, burned tokens still appearing on marketplaces

Hello. I minted several tokens with Manifold. I had to burn some at the contract level on etherscan and kept some. The burned tokens are still appearing on all marketplaces except Foundation. Is it just a matter of time till everything catches up or any steps I need to take? Thanks.

Platforms treat burned tokens in different ways on a platform like Opensea for example, if it’s shown as being owned by the NullAddress then it’s been burned. But in this case you can request for Opensea to hide the token.

A burned token will still be visible on Manifold Studio.

Thanks Lyndo. I can’t manually hide on OS like I can with NFT’s I own? I need to contact support? Also, any idea on Gem, LooksRare, Rarible and Gem?