Minted with Manifold + Redeem Page not working with Shopify Bridge

I recently minted a token collection on Manifold and made a redeem page which is available and works, but when I setup the token bridge in Shopify using the Manifold Shopify app it doesn’t recognize the token address and returns “Contract Address could not be located”

Did you click publish on the template? I didn’t see that until after everything was setup and I assumed it was gonna work. But I was still on the DAWN theme, not the Merch Bridge enabled Theme…

Hi everyone, I had the same issue as @ryanotcshop - published the new temnplate logn ago, have many working product gates in same shop. But we just minted a new ERC721 token using Manifold and when we try to set up Product Gate to give holders a discount off of a product, we get a similar error as Ryan - “Contract address could not be located” - As an aside, we did mint a collection thru Bueno some time ago and the Bueno contract address and the Product Gates associated with the Bueno contract works fine in Merch bridge.

Hello bigshotprojects

The issue was that at least 1 NFT has to be minted on the contract prior to setting up the Manifold Product Gate. Once we minted the 1st NFT we were able to resolve this issue.


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AHHH just found that info a minute ago thank you Ryan for replying!