Minting 250 Copies of 1 ERC1155 token and using a Claim Page to list

This page

looks simple.

I’ve tried it for ERC 1155 - but the the etherscan interface looks different to the instructions which cover 721 .

6. mintBaseNew
7. MintBase

but then the format for entering the data is different.
with several extra parentheses and square brackets.

I’m assuming this is to mint to multiples –
i want to to mint

1x ERC1155 token
250 copies
to my address
and then make a claim page…

what’s the difference (brackets) I need to add in over 721 contracts?

Unfortunately you can’t create a claim page via this flow, only via Studio.

This is for tokens that are pre-minted and then sold via a marketplace like OpenSea or Manifold Gallery.

Ok, thanks agus. Not really interested in the claim page, I needed specific help for minting an SVG onchain on a 1155 contract, — the instructions cover 721 which don’t work if I follow them, I get an error, something to do with brackets and formats for multiple entries when directly interacting with the contract in etherscan. The ‘mintbase’ field looks different to the instructions.

… further to this –
The instructions Manifold give are for 721s – i’d really appeciate any help with what the exact format for injecting the URI, the address and the amounts into the contract via etherscan for 1155 should - i’m getting errors

ie what’s the
uris (string[])
Do i wrap the URI in (. [])?

left - 721 right - 1155

I’ve resolved this… The instructions in the docs - the final conversion step is not required for 1155 - simply wrapping the json in [] makes it work

…except it doesnt preview

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Thanks for posting this. Although I am NOT a Manifold team member, I learned a lot from reading it. Fight on.

thanks redline. still working it out! no joy yet.

Maybe you’ve figured it out already but erc1155 allows you to mint many at once. And yes, the syntax is different. In short, you add brackets on either end and use a comma for multiple items.

Say you want to send 0x123… 250 units of a token with uri “

to: [0x123....]
amounts: [250]
urls: ['']

Say you want to send 0x123… 250 units of token with url and 0x456… 150 units with url

to: [0x123....,0x456]
amounts: [250,150]
urls: ['','']

A few things:

  1. Don’t put spaces after or before the commas if you are doing multiple items.
  2. Don’t put quotes around the address.
  3. Use single quotes around the urls not double quotes. Otherwise the json won’t work.

Last, you wrote in the initial post that you will do a claim afterwards with the 250 tokens. If you mean a Manifold claim page, you can’t do that at the moment. With claim pages your collectors mint the tokens, not you.