Minting 729 tokens and the transactions got stuck during UPLOADING METADATA TO ARWEAVE

I am stuck in the arweave process for over 2 hours and can’t go backwards or forward. Can someone help? It looks like I got through part of the process but I can’t do anything.

This is what my overview page looks like though

  • if I try to set royalties, it says no tokens minted. I also never went through all the signatures to authorize them.

GM! Can you clarify what you’re looking to do or the mechanic you’re looking to achieve? Are you looking to pre-mint 729 unique tokens and list each for sale? Or are you looking to deploy a mint page?

I am trying to mint 50 ERC 721s and airdrop them all to a friend’s wallet for a project we are working on. It looks like create series has already been done but tokens haven’t actually minted.