Minting a ERC-721 and putting it in its own collection

I am doing my 1/1 art now as ERC-721 tokens in Manifold instead of using OpenSeas to mint.
Question; I set up a new collection and want the NFT to go there, not the main collection. How do i get it in there?
I want it here,
and it ended up here;
thanks in advance for your help.

Opensea treats each contract as a new collection. Whatever contract you mint the tokens on, the tokens will appear in that respective collection on OS!

To add to @bodegacat’s answer, you can ask OpenSea to merge two collections if you reach out to their support team

On another wallet i am able to get all my air drops in one OpenSea collection, and my editions in another OpenSeas collection.

I want to have my different types of ERC-721 art in different collections in one wallet. Can i not specify where the art goes like i am able to do with air drops & editions?