Minting and Airdrop of Editions

Dear Manifold Team,

I’m reaching out to explore the possibility of minting a large edition through your platform and subsequently airdropping the pieces to a selected number of recipients.

We are interested in minting an edition of approximately 500 pieces at a reasonable cost. Additionally, we would like to inquire about the feasibility of airdropping these pieces to a specified number of individuals at a similarly low price point.

Could you please provide us with an estimate for the minting of the large edition and the subsequent airdrop? We are eager to explore this opportunity further and would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance you can offer.

Thank you!

gm! The gas costs can vary significantly with the network you’re looking to create on as well as how you’re looking to distribute the tokens. ie - If you’re looking to mint 500 unique tokens to yourself on ETH and sell, versus letting collectors mint 500 tokens from a claim page on base.

Basically we’d like to create editions of x amount that we’d be airdropping to the collectors as we don’t want them to asume any cost, not even the minimal cost of the claiming page. We’ve gathered that manifold on base would be the cheapest way to do this. Do you agree?