Minting from Admin Clarification

Gm! I’m assisting with minting on a larger project want to make sure we don’t fud anything up! We use manifold for all claims/drops currently.

I reviewed the admin docs here and want to clarify:

It says “When the Admin of the wallet mints a token, the owner of the contract will typically appear as the creator of the token. (This may change from platform to platform)”

The “typically appear” and “may change from platform to platform” are a concern for us. If XYZ.eth is the owner and minter, we want to make sure this provenance is preserved on each following drop/claim. So If I help set up a drop from the admin wallet, XYZ.eth will show as the minter on the claim page? As well as within their opensea profile?

Where do we run into the risks above? Is it on specific platforms?

What’s the best way to go about testing this? Getting added to admin on the goerli contract and doing a fake claim or single token airdrop to myself?

Thank you so much!

Yes - goerli support is provided for exactly this purpose. We can’t guarantee behavior on other platforms and it can be frustrating to try to predict it, hence, we recommend minting on goerli before going live on mainnet.

Gm! Thanks for the quick reply.

That’s frustrating! What kind of behavior have you seen on other platforms and do you see problems often with this tool?

The provenance will always be preserved on-chain, but it’s up to the platforms to decide how and what they display for certain fields. Ie if a contract is created but the ownership of the contract is transferred to another wallet, the creator is still the original address on Opensea

If you’re concerned about a specific platform it’s best to try it out on testnet first.