Minting in my NEW wallet Account

Hello @lyndo @wilkins.eth,

I’m working in my new wallet and I don’t see the entire suite of apps that were previously available to me. I had Batch minting and many other options and now I only have four!

I’ve got one last old contract to transfer before I can complete the process so we can move everything out of 180d and hide it forever in the ether. I can’t wait!

Also, i minted ann Airdrop this morning in the 1155 contract and it minted as LoR51 Spools. Can I rename it in Etherscan metadata? I don’t want all my 1155 tokens to be named Spools but rather HAA55 and juliethaas.eth.

Please help me remedy this when we all get back from the Holidays!

I see the Batch function now.