Minting on Mainnet - uploading artwork to arweave

Hi all, been attempting to mint this for the past week. Finally set up a new contract after the old one failed multiple times. It’s been on the ‘Uploading artwork to arweave’ section all day long.
Any help is much appreciated!

My address is: 0x40d65Ec8870D0fCA1197593291F873Fb0B3787Db
Token Symbol: ITSDEMO

Do you get to the point where the Metamask transaction confirmation pops up?

Don’t think so, paid gas and signed off on metamask to get to this point, but haven’t had to sign off anything since

Looks like it’s gone through though

Deploying a contract and minting a token are two separate actions. How did the old contract fail multiple times?

Can you try signing out and clearing your local storage?

It just never deployed - stayed as processing order for 7 days. Cleared my local storage and signing out for the previous contract, but it didn’t work so began a new one which deployed but isn’t completing the mint of the token. I’ll try doing that for this contract and let you know