Minting on Manifold rightside up, Showing up on Opensea upside down

GM Community,
I was minting photos that were rightside up in Manifold, on OpenSea.
A few days ago, the rightside up photos started showing up upsidedown on OpenSea.
Any suggestions on how I can remediate?

gm - Can you link us to Opensea as well as the Manifold Gallery listing? Would help us look into this issue further.

GM Lyndo and grateful for your response.

Opensea link:
(as you can see, the behavior started 7 days ago).

I don’t know how to use Manifold Gallery; would prefer to as it feels more crypto native but also only for auctions, not listed price (although I will likely go to auction to take advantage of Manifold)

We’ve reached out to OpenSea and they’ve confirmed it’s a CDN issue on their end, and they will be investigating. Thanks for the report.

:pray:t3: wilkins most grateful for your help!

Hi Manifold-my mints are still embarrassingly rendering upside down on OS. A couple questions…1. is there anything either of us can do to affect? 2. is there any other market I might feature the work rather than OS?