Missing Media on Claim Page

I’m having another issue with the mp4 and thumbnail on a claim page. Everytime I upload anything it shows a blank video playing and broken media link in the thumbnail. Refreshing metadata didnt work this time around so I’m not sure what to do. Link: ASTER*

Still experiencing this issue if anyone has any ideas…

Hi Mitch! I’m not seeing this issue. Can you check if your ISP is blocking Arweave by going to this URL: https://arweave.net/SN0SrbOS9uf_AiM_A0we8ouBVPdftdKWNu9DL9rYWK8

Hi Kartik! It didn’t load for me all weekend but as soon as I check monday morning its up and working lmao :sweat_smile: Thanks for p!opping in and letting me know!