More than 1 m-claim-buy-only on a page

I was hoping to have more than 1 buy now button only on a page, but it doesn’t seem to be loading more than 1 on a page. Is this possible?

Dev Test page with 3 buttons: The Gineeren Chronicles:

End goal is to have button widget replace the buttons here: The Gineeren Chronicles:
Which are currently just links to the claim page.

Then eventually have the full NFTs with all the info available in the My Collection section which will be a get_nfts call.

You won’t need the connect-widget on the page there, it’s included with the buy button. Just make sure you have the connect widget <script> in your <head>.

Will keep looking into why the others are stuck loading… this should work

Thanks for your reply.

Here’s where I’m at currently:

Thought it might have to do with the NFT never having been minted or airdropped. Airdropped a few, still nothing.

I’ve run every combination of widget calls, still no difference. Still the 1st one is showing up correctly.

Started to feel bad for refreshing and making calls to manifold servers, dropped the css links, been dinking around with totally customizing from scratch while I await response. I am also adding defer to the script tags. Please advise if async or nothing at all is preferred there. Trying to leave as little of a footprint as possible.

I also temporarily turned off my web app firewall that didn’t seem to make a difference. (back on now)

The only difference I’ve been able to determine between the first button claim page, and the others is that I do have the first one on manifold marketplace for sale, which means it has a listing.

I’m wondering if having a listing for each will make the difference?

Hey! Seems to be working for me on the latest version of the widgets, can you bump the version from 1.5.3 to 1.7.1 and try again?

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applause New version working great thanks!