MP4 video quality is low

Hi! When I minted this piece (around 150mb) it was very sharp.
Now that the auction has been set, the resolution has decreased significantly to a point that I can’t share the Manifold page to potential collectors.

Any idea how to restore the higher quality playback of this video?

Here is the same video on OpenSea where the resolution is closer acceptable.

Thank you!

gm - Appreciate the feedback. We optimize images for Manifold Gallery in order to provide a better user experience for viewers. The high res file is still minted and stored on Arweave. Collectors can view the original artwork by clicking the link

I see, thank you for the response.

Note that when you click view ‘original animation’, the video player doesn’t loop, it just stops when it ends. For looping animations this is problematic and also makes the link not sharable.

Got it - This is great feedback for us