Multi Burn Redeem any token from contract

Hello, I am very impressed with the new Multi-burn token functionality, however it only allows us to select a combination of tokens from our collection. I.e. token 1,4,& 18 can be burned for new token. but you must submit all 3 of those tokens. What would be really helpful is if the new token could be burned for just 1 of those tokens from the collection. That way we can token gate but allow holders of different tokens to redeem the same new token without having to setup separate burn pages. Maybe by meta-data. because i have phase 1 and phase 2 apes so if anyone with a phase 2 could burn for a new token that would be super helpful.

Also how hard would it be to organize our token list. Its bizarre to me that you guys didn’t set this up as a default. I mean look how much of a pain in the ass this organization is. Just auto sort this by token number

You should be able to do this by specifying a range.

I don’t see an option to do that. even when i try to click multiple tokens before i scroll down and click add another token. it will only let me highlight 1 individual token

this is a test burn i set up. But as u can see it is only allowing a combination of nfts and not a range of nfts

Can you paste the contract of the token you’re using?

sorry for the delay here you are 0x26Dea1f35a2f240968F42330aD9528f416C80A17

Heyo your observation is correct!

So currently the way this works if you are burning ERC1155s, you can only select a single token at a time (along with the required amount of said token).

Ranges of 1155 tokens will become available as a feature very soon though, I’m currently working on it as we speak.

So if you are burning tokens on a 721 contract, you’ll be able to use the “Range” feature. If you are burning tokens on an 1155 contract, you’ll only be able to select a single token + the amount of said token required (since 1155 tokens are fungible).

But yes, this will change soon and both 721 and 1155 contracts will have the same UX and features available from that view. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!

In the meantime if the burnable range is very small, you can edit the BR at specific times to essentially create “timeslots” for your collectors to burn using different tokens. Not ideal but food for thought!

Update: Oh also forgot to respond to your second part. I believe they currently organize by Alphanumerical order but that also doesn’t seem to be what I see in your screenshot.

Will add a ticket to my backlog to allow for switching between Token ID and Alphanumerics as well as audting what’s going on there. Good idea! :pray: Might be helpful to open that up as a separate forum post but for now I’ll try to remember to post updates here on that as well.

Howdy! Wanted to update here to let you know you can now select any configuration of 1155 tokens just like you could with 721s before. No need for timeslots etc anymore! This should solve your problem and allow for the configuration you wanted to create originally. Thank you for the patience!