Multiple Claim page use and burn redeem metadata

Hello, is it possible to use an erc721 claim page for claims of multiple different tokens? I have a claim page set up to sell a 1/1 art piece. I am curious if i will be able to upload another image and sell another different 1\1 on the same claim page? or will it just update the existing claimed token when i update the claim page after mint?

Also a question about burn redeem pages. does changing the metadata on the burn redeem page apply that change to already existing tokens that were created from the burn page? is there any way to change the metadata of a token so that any existing tokens stay same and any produced after have the new metadata?

Please any help is appreciated. you can also reach out to me on twitter (most active social) @alienvted


  1. If you want to release new tokens on a Claim Page, you’ll need to set up a new Claim Page. Updating the asset/image for a Claim Page token will just change the media for that token, not create a new token.

  2. Changing the asset or metadata for the redeem token on a Burn Redeem Page changes the asset for all tokens minted via that Burn Redeem Page. If you want a new redeem token with different asset or metadata, you’ll want to create a new Burn Redeem Page (you can still set the same burnable token as the previous one if you want)

these are the answers i was afraid of. :laughing: thank you for the response!