Multiple editions under a single contract

Is it possible to create multiple editions under a single contract? For Example

Contract 1
Art Work A (an edition of 50)
Art Work B (an edition of 50)
Art Work C (an edition of 50)

I’d like this contract to eventually hold 25 deferent pieces of art all of which would be limited editions.

What would be best to use for the ERC-721 or 1155?

I have some custom mechanics I’d like to add to the contract like free a free mint for current collectors of my work and the ability for Web2 collectors to purchase with a CC

I’m really lost on how to get started so any help would be greatly appreciated.


gm! Our docs and FAQ might help you get started - You can absolutely mint multiple editions of 50 under a single contract.

As far as the contract types each have their own benefit. Check out our documentation and a few usecases for reference:

Thanks so much for your response. I’ll look into it right away.