Multiple pending transactions from different wallets

A user has a pending transaction since a few days on our smart contract.
We have tried changing some values, but now, our own transactions are stuck.

We have tried sending transactions using MetaMask with the same nonce, but it fails on MetaMask.

Any ideas ?

Will need a bit more info here - When you say user do you mean a collector minting from your page? Or using Manifold itself? Any screenshots or more information will be helpful

Hi Lyndo, we used Manifold to create an NFT. A user on our marketplace attempted to make a bid on that NFT, but their transaction is still pending. Here you can find the NFT address:

This is preventing anyone else from minting editions from this contract.

Since then, we have tried to deploy an extension to update to the contracts mint end datesee here:

Are you able to help?

Hi - Is this a claim page? Can you link the page? Do you have a screenshot of the error?

Not clear what happened, but the pending transaction appears to have been completed, removing the blocking nounce. This is now fixed, thanks for your support.

After a few days, some transactions have been validated.
But there is one remaining still pending.

The transaction have been initiated by a user.
But even if it’s a user, an admin, a mint function or a specific called function, we had a few days of delay before the validating the transaction.

We have tried a few solution to cancel/replace the transaction but no one worked :

  • Replacing the transaction using MetaMask and the blocking nonce
  • Canceling and/or replacing the transaction using HardHat/ethers.js

Without any action from us, transactions have been validated.

In attachment, you’ll see a transaction initiated by a user still pending since a few days.