Mutatio minting xcopyart & neon - Locating contract/token addresses

Gm gm,
As you can see from the image uploads, i minted 4 of the xcopyart & neon mutatio on manifold, however i need the token address and the collectible id in irder to retrieve the data on my base metamask wallet! thank you

Hey gm,

To locate the contract address for your ERC-1155 tokens, you can navigate to the manifold claim page and click the view details dropdown. This should have all the information you need.

Alternatively if you would like to use a block explorer like basescan, you can follow the instructions below

  1. Click into the transaction hash
  2. Within the transaction details, look for the “ERC-1155 Tokens Transferred” section.
  3. In this section, you should find the token ID(s) listed along with the corresponding transactions.
  4. To find the contract address, click on the token identifier, which will redirect you to a page with detailed information about the token.

Let me know if that works or if you have any more questions!


thanks a million
i can view the collectible through opensea in my metamask wallet, thanks a mil