My Burn Redeem Page Not Showing Up

i have an issue to make the redeem page, i already finish and publish it but the Burn Redeem Page not showing up. i click many times and back to the dashboard again

0x413D6943C8568a35cFE971693E1F09f4bE85108F (my wallet)

Manifold Studio

here the screenshoot that i already publish

and this is the screenshoot if click the redeem page (back to dasboard)

Got it - Can you provide the intended link to the burn page as well? Also a link to the Transaction?

thank you for your respons, here is the link

and this is the txn hash

Got it - Can you double check the URL? ie Are there spaces or special symbols?

yeah i see %20 (Multiverse%20Travel) on url, i cant copy paste it because showing up so fast and back to dashboard