My Claim pages no longer working

Hello, Is there a time limit to Claim Pages? I’ve had mine up for more than a week. Now they don’t show up in my Apps and the link defers to the Manifold main page.

Thanks in advance.

apps appear to be gone…all of them. Hope Manifold fixes this quickly. having these links disappear after you set up a claim page is not cool.

My two claim pages are no longer showing up and the apps tab is completely blank. I came here to see if it might be a site wide thing and it looks like maybe it is. Now we wait:)

Wow. Right - especially when one has advertised those links. Fingers crossed it’s fixed quickly. Thnks

We had a service outage unfortunately. Resolved now.

Awesome. Thank you. Noob here so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

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i have amends i need to make to 5 existing claim pages and they are all missing, all i see is a gm thing with the option to create a new one :frowning:

this is something i need to do before tomorrow…

update, back but glitchy. trying to update the claim page to remove the allowlist that was in place so any wallet can mint. have toggled from custom to anyone in the set rules page. gives me this error. thanks

Well you’re 2/2. There was an incident earlier with audiences (I know) that has now been resolved.

Please give it another shot.