My collection got disabled by opensea

I’m creating 1/1 Surfing vibes artworks and mint it to my self using manifold.
About a month ago I discovered that opensea disabled my collection, they say I violated their terms of service. But I really don’t know what they want… Maybe I did something during the Minting setup?
Any help will be greatfull.

This is opensea last answer.

We have disabled your collection because it violates our Terms of Service. Per Section 6, you’ll see we do not permit the following:

  • Use the Service to carry out any financial activities subject to registration or licensing, including but not limited to creating, offering, selling, or buying securities, commodities, options, or debt instruments;

  • Use the Service to create, sell, or buy NFTs or other items that give owners rights to participate in an ICO or any securities offering, or that are redeemable for securities, commodities, or other financial instruments;

We understand this is not the response you are hoping for.

Collection on opensea:

Contract address:


Hmmm - The collection seems to work on my end?

They disabled the buying and selling option.
You can’t make an offer items…