My collectors are having troubles of wallet connectivity thru mobile and pc to my auction

One of my collectors is having troubles to connect his wallet and he cannot participate in one of my current auctions. I already set everything properly. Maybe is a bug? Or maybe his devices? Any quick help will be highly appreciated since the auction is running already.

We need more information here. Error logs, screenshots, mobile device type, location.

Can you share the link to the auction as well?

it stays like this. My phone is an iPhone 13 pro

From investigation, it seems like some locations or browsers might be blocking the content:

Are you seeing this behavior with other auctions? What browser wallet are you using? Personally, I don’t have an issue via safari.

After further investigation, the issue appears specific to your html nft. The browser is crashing upon attempting to embed it in an iframe.

Oh… thank you for this🙏🏻

Investigating if we can get around this so they can at least see the auction

We’ve pushed out an update that should bypass this issue. Can you try again?