My new mint on my Manifold ERC721 CONTRACT isn't appearing on Foundation

Good day to the Devs,
I just minted a token on my ERC721 smart contract but it’s yet to be seen in the collection on Foundation. When you visit my Foundation profile, it shows I’ve created just 10 tokens (which is the number of tokens in my batch mint last year), implying that the newly minted token isn’t there. However, if you click on the collection it shows there are 11 tokens in it, although the 11th one which happens to be the newly listed one isn’t still showing. Please I need help.
Below are screenshots:

I was restricted to sending just two

Here are relevant links:

This is the link to new token: Manifold Studio

Here’s a link to my Foundation profile: Collins Jacob (@surrealbeam) | Foundation

Please I need assistance, please help.

Got it - Is the token appearing correctly on other platforms? Have you reached out to Foundation? Might be an issue with them ingesting the token.

Yes!, The token appears on Opensea but not appearing on Foundation. And no I haven’t contacted them yet, but I’ll do so now

Foundation just refreshed the metadata on their end and everything is fine now. Thanks for the support.