My new token wont show up on manifold studio

this is my addy siiid.eth
i minted a new token now i want to update the metadata but i cant find it in my studio!
its been almost 3 hours i really wanted to mint this piece today! cuz its my birthday and my drop is ruined now :frowning:

this is my eth addy

and i have another problem i minted the piece as a dynamic NFT this is my code.
now the problem is before it load 100 % on sr its like a zoomed in version!
then after few minutes it fixed , can anyone help me to fix this code? (ps I'm very noob and i don't know anything about HTML stuff ) so i would be glad if you can edit the code for me

hey mysteriovision.eth, after minting, it may take a refresh (hitting ctrl/cmd + r or F5) before instances appear in the “published” section of your home page. we are aware of this issue and a fix is underway.

in the meanwhile, can you please confirm if your 1/1 token is in your draft instances? if you open an refresh, it should bring you to the appropriate UI to then allow for metadata updates.