My NFT / token does not show up on OpenSea [SOLVED]

If your token is missing and does not show up OpenSea but shows on other platforms such as Manifold Gallery, LooksRare, or Rariable. Your token was minted correctly but OpenSea may have issues picking up and indexing the token. It make a few hours for the token to appear on OpenSea. If the token does not appear then contact OpenSea Support

Other Common Cases:

Airdrop Tokens - OpenSea has spam filters that may identify airdrop tokens. These tokens will appear on the hidden tab on a users profile.

Claim Page Tokens - Claim Page tokens are lazy minted. The token will not appear until at least one token has been minted. Mint one token and then check back on OpenSea.

For other issues please visit our docs regarding platform display issues:

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