My sales show less than what I set it at

I set my sale price at .00420 ETH and the three sales I see so far on my manifold dashboard are each .0012 ETH. Why am I not getting my full amount?

gm! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. If you double check the internal transactions on Etherscan you’ll see the correct amount. Looks like there is a bug with the display here. Your funds have been distributed properly. We’ll look into it asap.

i see your response is 9 days ago, and, this just happened to me as well 043023, after doing my own research before coming in here… I do see the correct amount in the internal transaction…

any idea how long it will take to be addressed

I’m also seeing this. My claim is set at 0.042 and in the dashboard they show up as 0.003. I realize this is only a bug in the display, but I think the primary sales volume number is also off, & there’s no way to tell what’s actually correct

which makes the dashboard not as useful

please fix; thanks in advance y’all!!

hey folks, thanks for bringing this to our attention. like @lyndo said, this is a display bug. you can confirm the amounts transferred in the internal transactions on etherscan. we apologise for the confusion, and are working on a fix. thank you for your patience.

The issue is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for making our product better.