My successful deployed contract with another address doesn't work non on manifold and foundation

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My successful deployed contract with another address doesn’t work non on manifold and foundation. The transaction was successful and it was ok in first days but suddenly it broke :frowning_face:
this is the contract etherscan link:

This might be a helpful guide trying to problem solve platform display issues: Solve Platform Display Issues - Manifold Docs

Unfortunately it doesn’t contain any solution for my issue… it was Ok in first days after creation, but suddenly it failed without any reason

We can investigate what happened here. Did you speed up the transaction? You should have received a prompt to enter the transaction hash manually. Did that not happen?

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I guess I entered the hash again manually but didn’t speed up the transaction fren! As I told the contract was OK in first days, but when I decided to mint a token on Foundation it faced error, then I wanted to mint from manifold but I found out that the contract is not working and it shows as a draft but due to hash its done!

Can you check again? When logging in as 0x46284c756e70035f8a50884ff3b062eb0a242b84, it should show this:

yes fren, it shows the contract normally now. did you changed something?