My transaction showing as check TX

Hi, one of my 1-of-1 NFTs sold but the transaction is not showing in the studio app correctly. see attachment. any idea on what may cause this?

for sure, can you link to the token please?

the transaction hash was:

Howdy! It appears we’re not flagging the Seaport 1.4 contract as an OpenSea contract, hence why it’s getting marked as “Other” and then choosing to not show you the price. Will patch up ASAP thank you for bringing this to our attention!

As an addendum, we don’t show the sale price on unrecognized contracts as every marketplace handles the values a little differently. We’d rather have you go check for yourself than accidentally tell you bad data! :heart:

This should be fixed now.

Thank you I can see the transaction now. Followup question the total number of sales and eth sales do not reflect the number. I that fixable as well?

Thanks for your quick assistance, I appreciate the help
-The Banana Rat

Ignore my last question it was fine when I refreshed the screen. thanks again fo the help

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Love to hear it. Closing this out! Thank you for the report, super helpful.