Need Assistance with Minting Issue

Reached out to you guys on Twitter per the website (@manifoldxyz) but haven’t seen a response yet. As a result I decided to try and get in contact w/ you here.

Need help resolving a minting issue that occurred the other day when minting on your application. I minted quantity 2 of the BEN.ETH CRYPTO HYPE FACTORY NFT. Unfortunately I only received quantity 1. I’ve never seen this issue so I have no idea as to the WHY. I did verify the TxN hash and it does in fact show quantity 2. Yet I still only received 1.

Txn Hash: 0x9e3d1bbcd341481213d59f56d3b6a9d0f1f0212fc574d7ffffcab2a039c0d641


Thank you in advance for helping resolve this issue.


Gm - Where are you seeing that you own 1 token? Can you take a screenshot?

Of course. Give me one minute and I’ll send it.

Picture shows a little more than the BEN.ETH CRYPTO HYPE FACTORY NFT.

However, I thought that might be more helpful in showing the wallet only has the one NFT of this type.

Not sure where this display is from but it seems like that address owns 2 tokens. If you head over to your contract on Etherscan - In the Read as Proxy section there’s a 2. BalanceOf

If you enter the wallet address/tokenID into the fields it will give you the number of tokens owned by that wallet.

The display is from Metamask wallet. As for the data you reference, I completely agree and noted the same. This is so weird. I even connected my wallet to OpenSea and even there when viewing what is in this wallet it still only shows the one NFT of this type.