Need help! Claim page for Collections with different NFT's?

In advance,I want to add, I am not very technical. I am actually a creator and intend to issue a collection of 500 different a.i.abstracted disc record covers respectively 500 different NFT’s. What I wish to do is that users can mint one of these 500 NFT’s and get random one from the collection and to be able to pay via credit card (probably possible with “Crossmint” integration). The manifold app “claim page” would be ideal for this purpose but I noticed you can only upload one image and edit the settings regarding one single NFT. Can’t I upload a series of different images which are then mintable?

The problem is my budget is limited and my coding skills are basically non-existent so manifold makes it easy for me. So via coding this would be easy to realize but again I dont have these capabilities. Manifold is super userfriendly :slight_smile:

If I pre-mint them on my own I am the one who’d pay the flat-fee which would cost me easily 1k+ dollar,if I am not mistaken (+gas fees etc.) but can’t afford this atm. If it was doable via “claim page” the costs would be spread across the minters and not myself. Any ideas on how to realize plan, any tips?

gm! Listing a collection of unique tokens for sale isn’t possible atm with a lazy mint mechanic (Where collectors pay the gas costs to mint a token). We are working on a tool that will allow for this, but don’t have a timeline for when this will be released.

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thank you for the quick answer! Really appreciate the help. I hope the function will be implemented soon.