Need help with creating an open edition

Does anyone know where I can find the best tutorials on creating an open edition. The tutorials on the website were lacking a lot of information and didn’t help at all, they don’t provide any information of how to do this, nor did they providing information on giving a time/date limit for the edition. It’s also really hard to find this information online or on youtube tutorials. I haven’t had any luck.

What do users put in the field where we need to set a number for edition size? Do we leave it at zero?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m about to give up on manifold.

They have a link to their discord on the website where they say you can ask for help. I did that and was ignored and now I have discovered that all the forum staff are gone until Jan 3rd.

Open editions are created via the Claim app. If you want limited editions you can set a number, if you want unlimited supply for an Open Edition you can set this to Unlimited.