New burns created stuck with spinning wheel


Just created 3 burns within the past 90 minutes and they are all stuck on spinning wheels for loading. No issues in creation, tx went through fine, they all appear live on the dashboard

Gameshow Round 3 - Door B [last one is same thing with c at the end]

Any advice on what can be done here?

Hello! Taking a look right now. I see some error logs in the console. Will track down the issue quickly! Thanks for the report.

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Found the issue. Patching and will report back with how you can fix easily.

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Patch is going out as we speak!

I’ve used your Game Show Round 3 A and Gameshow Round 3 - Door B pages as a test. Round A is restored, Round B will restore itself in about 5-10 minutes Gameshow Round 3 - Door A

For the rest of them, you should be able to head to the final step (5) and hit the Update button to fix. There will be no on-chain transaction necessary so this will be a quick and free process.


Looks like B is now up and running as well. Gameshow Round 3 - Door B

Hey Johnny, looks like I’m dealing with the same issue now. Is this fixable?

Thanks in advance !

Awesome, thanks so much Johnny! A & B are working and I’ve hit update on C - will check back in 5-10 mins.

Much appreciated!

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Yep! Follow the same steps. Just hit Update on your BR on that 5th and final step inside the Studio App.

You should see your collector side page fix itself somewhere between 1-10mins.

LFG! Report back here if you have any issues. If i don’t hear back by later tonight I’ll assume all is well and close this issue out. Thank you again for reporting this quickly and clearly :pray: