Hi Lyndo,
I hope that the Manifold family is doing well.

I went ahead and created a Claim page for an Open Edition that is Timed but the token is not listed on other platforms, only on OS, but it is completely empty, it shows as Unnamed and it only shows my wallet acct no. I have a timed Open Edition so it is kind of IMPORTANT to get you feedback. It Seems to be a system glitch. Your prompt attention is appreciated!!

gm! Can you include a link to the claim page?

Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to preview a token until one has been minted. Our FAQ for the claim should answer your other questions.

Good afternon Lyndo, thanks so much for your quick response. Appreciate it.

Hi Lyndo, I missed your first line to send you a link. Find next a couple of links:

  1. For the claim page – Lucy the Warrior Lady
  2. For the token – Manifold Studio.
    My Open edition time is running I will have to change it.

Please let me know because I would like to offer my Open Edition in a few of the marketplaces.

i appreciate your assistance. Take care!

gm - Looks like tokens have not been minted yet. Please refer to our FAQ

Hi Lyndo, I thank you for your response. I have uploaded 3 images to make it easier for you to tell if it is a system problem or maybe I did something wrong and how I can fix this problem.

  1. The smart contract with what looks like a token.
  2. The Opensea listing empty.
  3. The token listed on my claim page, showing the bottom only

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 6.40.30 PM

I appreciate your cooperation and your response.

Take care,


Sorry I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what you’re asking. There are 0 tokens minted, because of that you won’t see a preview of it anywhere. Once a token is minted, you’ll be able to see it on Opensea.

Right now there are 0 tokens that exist. Tokens aren’t created on Mainnet until they are minted.

Hi Lyndo, I apologize for not understanding Manifold is part of my learning curve. The images showed you that I have not minted a token. This part I did not understand because I see the iamge there. I thought that I had already minted it on Mainnet and paid gas for that. It may be that it did not go through or something went wrong. Back to the Claim page.

I appreciate your quick response. Take care and good night.