New error: "Must be greater or equal to existing supply"

I have been creating claim pages for a new series called ART CARDS. I have been in the habit of reducing supply after the initial set up if the card isn’t selling particularly quickly. I created a new claim page (/snakeskin) with a supply of 77, and today went to reduce it to 33, but found that I could not do so.

Did something change? Can y’all change it back? Please help; thanks.

Can you screenshot the error? Which claim page? Any more details?

gm ser, thanks for the response

I made the claim page with 77 editions thinking I could easily decrease later in the week, as I’ve done before with similar claim pages on this contract. Then I saw this message.

There are only 10 minted, so why can’t I decrease to 33 or whatever? I have done this before so I’m confused now

You should be good to go now!

WOW; thanks YW!! What was the issue? Would like to avoid this in the future, so please tell me — did the protocol change?

We had introduced a bug. Fixed it though!

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ah man you guys are the best

thanks dude :heart_eyes: