New Open Edition, Which is better ERC721 or ERC 1155

Hi Lyndo, I am looking to start a new Open Edition since yesterday, being new to Manifold presents for me a need for additional info along the way, I appreciate all your suggestions regarding and assistance:

  1. Which is Better ERC721 or ERC1155? Do I need to specify the max number of mints for the Open Ed NFT in the contract or just the maximum time it is live?
  2. To do an Open Edition do I have to launch a claim page?
  3. How would I know which collectors/wallets can claim a token? I am missing something here.
  4. Can I do a claim page and also list the Open Edition in a certain marketplace?
    Any additional comments are greatly appreciated.

Our documentation will help answer some of your questions: Starting with a Contract - Manifold Docs

  1. The tokens are different and creators typically have preferences depending how they would like tokens to be displayed. You’ll find a walkthrough in our Walkthrough Videos in the documentation.
  2. An Open Edition mint page is created with the Claim app
  3. You can decide if you’d like any wallet to mint an OE or specify a list of addresses
  4. When you deploy a claim page, the tokens will be listed for primary sale on the claim page but then can be listed by collectors on platforms like OS etc for secondary sales

Hi Lindo, I appreciate your response ref the tokens. I will start another issue.
Take care!