New Registration Issue

Hey peeps,

I’ve got a strange issue upon attempting to create a developer account at Now I can’t create an account at all. I can likely use a different email address, but it would be from a different domain that I prefer not to use.

What I did:

  1. Registered for an account with my email. Made it to the email verification step but didn’t complete the step. Manifold sent a numerical code to my email but the email went to my Spam. Thinking I didn’t receive it, I try the process again.

  2. I tried signing in but I couldn’t. Nothing happens. No error.

  3. I tried registering for an account again but I couldn’t. Error: an account with the given email exists.

  4. I tried resetting my password but I couldn’t. Error: a verified account with this email does not exist.

Thanks for the help,

Note: I did verify my email for but being that it’s a different domain than https://developer.manifoldxyz**.dev**, it didn’t help me get logged into my development account.

This should be resolved now and you should be able to get a new code via reset password.

Thanks for the help and tactical fix!

Tip: Long term solution may be that the email verification sent includes a link to verify the email, instead of just a 6-digit code with no link that has to be typed into the specific page that it was requested from.

Stay smart!