New Token on Previous Contract doesn’t appear. Shows up on Rarible and Looksrare, but not OS


I minted our new Timed Edition and it shows up on Rarible and LooksRare, but not OS.
It’s showing in my Ledger for the airdrop I made for our wallet. However, on ETHERSCAN no Image Is Available.

We created a new token on the previous contract for the collection.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

First Drop: Brainstorm 1 of 4

Second Drop: Brainstorm 2 of 4

gm - This might be a helpful read. If the token is appearing on all platforms, it sounds like the metadata is fine and its an issue with Opensea ingesting the artwork. If refreshing the metadata doesn’t work, I’d suggest reaching out to their support.

I reached out to them. Haven’t heard back yet. The other issue is, none of our holders are seeing the NFT in their wallets.

When you say refresh metadata are you speaking about the option on OpenSea? Or just Manifold have somewhere I can do that?


Hi Iyndo,
Thank you for your reply.
I did that a while ago but unfortunately haven’t helped.