New Update of Merch Bridge not working - Two console errors with modified Dawn theme

I am getting two console errors on my own modified Dawn theme, and on the merch_bridge theme.


I see you updated the title.

I just wanted to clarify that I’m receiving this error on both my own modified Dawn theme, and the merch_bridge theme from github

Hey there! Can you provide a link to your store, and the campaignID for your campaign?

Can I send privately? The store is not live yet, and it’s a test product I’m working with.

Ah unfortunately there is no way for us to do it privately. Could you send the campaignId at least?

@kmart has contacted me, thanks

The first error is a normal Shopify error. You can ignore it.

The second one is causing the issue.

hi @kennedyatfeature , just pushed an update. Can you try again and tell me if the errors changed? Please clear your cache before trying so it picks up the new code.

Solved, thanks for the help!