NFT batch says deployed but stuck on test next

Hi everyone looking for some help,
have a batch of 38 NFTs that had gone through originally but are now showing on test net only even though they’re available on mainnet on opensea. I can’t update or anything either it just stays the same. And says edit unavailable.

Is there any way to fix this? They can still be purchased off mainnet also. Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Thank you,

gm! Can you include the links to the tokens or the name of the contract this is happening for?

Hi sure can, was trying to share the screen shots but it’s having issues uploading them

Batch mint for this contract on Goreli- 0x233CfdCE7055E3cFc496Aa2496E7c1C0B85AEFe7

This is Mainnet- 0x135C634750ec6824fe1728B7ED53f981049423fb

Token IDs #139 - 176

Goreli Opensea -


Got it - Thanks for bringing this up, will look into it!

Thank you so much!
Appreciate any assistance I can get as I can not delete or do anything with them at the moment.


Sorry for the issue you are having. It should be fixed now if you check again on Studio.

Thank you!