NFT Minting different art works

I’m new to manifold and I want to create a 300 (300 different art images) mint. So I don’t know what options I can choose either single mint, batch mint, claim page. So I want to ask which one can allow 300 or 150 people to mint these Nfts ? Because it will be a 2 mint max per wallet … so how can do all these settings ?

It sounds like you’re looking to do more of a collectibles style drop where a collector would head over to a mint page and mint one of the 300 pieces. Is this correct?

Unfortunately this isn’t supported with Studio atm.

Yes that is correct. So sad :disappointed: I wasted gas fee … but can I use the contract I create on manifold on other websites ? Or what if I do a thumbnail minting and edit the meta data later once it’s all minted ? I think that’s not possible either. Well thanks :frowning:

You can edit an NFT after it has been minted to mainnet - You can do this by going into the token, changing the media and clicking ‘Update’

So technically, if I choose a single image as a thumbnail and 300 people mint that same single image to OpenSea, then I can change the image on Manifold and it will reflect on OpenSea? Which means I’ll have to upload all the 300 on after the other right ? If all this is correct, then tell me which option I will use for this. Is it single token mint, Batch minting, claim page? Please give me proper explanation thank so much for your time

@Lyndo please reply to my last question

I’m still having a little trouble understanding what you would like to do:

I have linked our documentation which might explain the different mechanics a little better.

As I mentioned if you’re looking to do a collectibles drop where collectors can mint a reveal token that will change to different artwork. We don’t support this in studio. Possible with a contract extension but you’ll need to code it yourself.