NFTS not showing in MM wallet

Hi friends! I’m not seeing any nft that i mint to my wallet in my actual wallet. Is there an known issue with nfts minted on Manifold or Arweave not being seen by metamask?

It’s most likely an issue with MM and whatever API provider they use. Do you have a link to your wallet and/or the NFTs not showing?

Actually, once the nft is added to a claim or gallery page it’s technically in a different wallet right? So it shouldn’t really show up in my wallet if they are listed anyway. If that is correct, is there any way to view listed nfts in an app like Tokenframe?

I’m not too sure. From our perspective the NFT is just being held by another wallet for Gallery. For Claim its a bit different because we do it lazily, meaning if no sale has taken place there is no token minted yet. Tokenframe support might be able to help quicker here as they probably have some way to just use a link to an NFT rather than connect a wallet (not sure though)

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