NFTs Not showing in Wallets that Minted

Hello! I just launched my first project a couple of hours ago and have had 5 people mint which is amazing! Everyone said the process has been smooth. Only thing is that they cannot see the NFT showing up in their respective minted wallets. Curious to know if this is a processing thing or if there’s something that I need to do quickly to fix?

gm! Happy to check in to things. First, can you provide a bit more information? What is the link they were using to mint? Do you have a record of their addresses/transactions? More info would be helpful

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Thank you for the quick response! the link that i’ve been sharing has been getting an error page now as well but its:

Everyone is saying they’re getting the same error page now. Not sure what the issue is. The collector that reached out to me earlier about the NFT not showing in their wallet has this wallet address:


Their transaction hash: 0xb5c73d6dab6dd8d4310eebf8bb0d4bc452d388ae44341a10426d3380d7b9e042

This is the error code that shows up:

missing revert data in call exception; Transaction reverted without a reason string [ See: Error Codes ] (data=“0x”, transaction={“to”:“0x23aA05a271DEBFFAA3D75739aF5581f744b326E4”,“data”:“0x0f79ab39000000000000000000000000b41fd2eca3242d4da111853ef3c3119ee3d466200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002c700f0”,“accessList”:null}, error={“reason”:“processing response error”,“code”:“SERVER_ERROR”,“body”:“{"id":42,"jsonrpc":"2.0","error":{"code":-32002}}”,“error”:{“code”:-32002},“requestBody”:“{"method":"eth_call","params":[{"to":"0x23aa05a271debffaa3d75739af5581f744b326e4","data":"0x0f79ab39000000000000000000000000b41fd2eca3242d4da111853ef3c3119ee3d466200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002c700f0"},"latest"],"id":42,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}”,“requestMethod”:“POST”,“url”:“”}, code=CALL_EXCEPTION, version=providers/5.7.2)

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The NFT is in their wallet -

And I can see that someone just bought another one less than a minute ago LFGGGG

Okay! Maybe opensea is just still processing it. Is there a fix to the server issues that mint page keeps giving people?

Ohhh shiiii!! LFG!!! lol

Are people still getting errors? I am unable to reproduce it on my side. Does it happen to you too?

Yea a few friends as well as myself received the error page. Seems to happen on mobile mainly

Just got another couple of error page screenshots sent to me when I asked on twitter.

Hmm, ok, will bring it up with the team here and get back to you!

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Btw, I wanted to flag to you it looks like payments are going to this wallet - 0xB8AFfe1245d28313Dc80c7Ac6AFA2FC1b647Cb52

I don’t see any activity from that wallet before. Is this a new one you set up for your collab? Do you wanna try doing some random transaction (send yourself 0 eth) to double check it works?

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okay thank you! I put the disclaimer out on twitter that the site may crash on some mobile devices.

& yess! I set up a separate wallet to receive the mint funds. I think I read somewhere on the Crossmint website that I needed to have the funding wallet different from the wallet that created the contract. Maybe i was mistaken but I have access to the wallet. Thank you for double checking!

Ok phew, good to hear!

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